Tuesday, 21 December 2010

About Siva

Siva is an inspiration.

He's a 26-year old Bristol resident and a very talented member of two cricket teams, an extraordinary chef who regularly cooks for around 130 people at a welcome centre in Bristol, a father a two young sons, and a leading member of a drama group (he was due to play the central role in a play on Human Rights Day before he was detained).

But despite a fortnight in which Siva has been taken away from family and friends, detained in a solitary cell, fasting and without water, he remains in good spirits.

Siva has spent all his adult life in the UK, arriving at the age of 14 from Sri Lanka where his parents were killed when he was a young child. In the 12 years since he's been in the UK, he's contributed to community life in various important ways. For example, his skills as a chef allowed the Bristol Refugee Rights (BRR) group to continue its service of supplying dinner for around 130 people when the centre found itself without chefs during Ramadhan, and he's been feeding BRR members regularly since. From the age of 18, Siva has been appealing for the right to remain in this country where he has built a life.

On 7th December, Siva was detained at the police station where he was signing on and was subsequently detained at Campsfield, Colnbrook and Dover detention centres. His friends and supporters immediately started a campaign to halt any attempt to deport him, a campaign which has so far included petitions, radio interviews, presentations to his MP, and more. For two weeks, Siva fasted in protest against his detention, and also refused water for four days.

This blog will follow the progress of Siva's case and the campaigning efforts of his friends who are supporting him.


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  1. Good luck, I fail to see what benefit we get as a country by deporting people like Siva.