Monday, 27 December 2010

Newspapers, radio and a Christmas message.

While Siva remains in Dover IRC, in amazingly good spirits given the deception and frustration he's had to deal with in the last week (see our previous post), the campaign by his friends and supporters to publicise his case continues with cover from local newspapers and radio, and a new petition.

Christmas Eve saw the article 'Detention of asylum seeker Sivarajah Suganthan sparks Bristol protest' by Emily Koch appear in the Bristol Evening Post. On the same day, Caroline Beatty was heard speaking about Siva to Ben Prater of BBC Radio Bristol on his drive-time show. It can be heard on the BBC Bristol website (from 1:51.51 into the broadcast) until Thursday 30th Dec. And a new petition, this time directed for the attention of Damian Green MP, is currently accepting signatures.

For the close future, Siva's hoping to have a bail hearing on 31st Dec, and in the meantime he sends this typically buoyant and large-hearted Christmas message:

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Forget the past, feel the moments, and plan the future. Best wishes to the thoughts."


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